How do I apply for Housing at Dwight Lofts? 

Here is our step-by-step guide: DWIGHT Summer Housing Step by Step

Who is the management/owner of the community and their history?

At our downtown Chicago apartments for rent near Columbia College Chicago, our students are everything. In fact, our residents are the cornerstone of The Dinerstein Companies and have faithfully guided our business since its founding in 1955. In 1997, we recognized the need for high-quality student housing. The Dinerstein Companies responded by forming Sterling Housing. Today, Sterling Housing is the largest off-campus student housing developer in the country. Our student properties are catered specifically to the college experience so students can have the perfect home away from home.

Can I take a tour of Dwight Lofts even though I don’t live in Chicago or Illinois?

We would love to take you on a Digital Tour via FaceTime or Skype. Experience a live tour experience with our staff and be able to see Dwight Lofts just as if you were able to visit us in person. Contact our office at or 312-588-1234 to schedule a DigiTour today!

What lease terms are offered at Dwight Lofts?

Preleasing is already underway for summer housing!

At Dwight Lofts, we offer summer housing for 10, 11, and 12 weeks. You’ll start by clicking “Apply Now” on our website and completing your application. If you pass the credit and background screenings, our system will send you to sign your lease documents for a 10-week contract. If you’d like to extend your lease to 11 or 12 weeks finish the application and sign your lease, and then contact our staff at and we will send you the lease extension form to sign on-line.

What  items do I need to bring with me for Summer Housing?

Here’s a quick list of some of the items you will want to consider either bringing with you or purchasing once you arrive. If there are any items that you would need to purchase we are conveniently located 3 blocks away from a Target.  Summer Housing List

What is an individual lease agreement?

Each bed space in each apartment is its own lease agreement. Each lease signer and guarantor is only responsible for their own lease and bed space. If a roommate is delinquent, or causes damage to their individual bedroom, you are not affected. LIST

If there is damage in the common area such as the living room or kitchen, everyone in the apartment will be equally responsible for the cost unless the person responsible comes forward and accepts responsibility for the damage.

What if students don’t get along with their roommates?

We ask students to first communicate directly with one another to work towards a solution that is amenable for all residents of the room. If this strategy does not work, or a roommate is unwilling to compromise, then students are asked to seek out the counsel and assistance of our office staff. The intervention from our management can range from a conversation with the concerned student, to a mediated discussion with the roommates involved. If one feels compelled to vacate, that student reassign their lease for the remainder of the term, or if possible, we can transfer the student to another apartment based on availability.

Can I break my lease once I have signed it?

Once a lease is signed, the lease signer is financially responsible for the lease in its entirety. Our lease does not offer an early termination charge. However, leaseholders have the option to reassign their lease with written approval from management. The leaseholder is responsible for finding someone to take over their lease agreement who meets our rental criteria. Once found, the potential lease take over must complete the same background process, sign their own lease, and qualify financially either on their own with a qualified guarantor. All financial and lease obligations will then be the responsibility of the reassignment. The original leaseholder and their guarantor will no longer be responsible for the lease agreement.

What are installments?

All of our 10-week leases are divided into 3 equal installments, which are always due on the first of every month. We take the total 10-week rate and split it into 3 equal installment payments. Rental payments are accepted in installment payments specific to the chosen bed space and executed lease contract. If you wish to extend your lease to 11 or 12 weeks, the additional weekly rate will be added to your third rental installment payment.

Why does it look like I have to pay a full month’s rent in August when I am only living there a few days?

When you sign your lease, we split your total contract amount into 3 equal payments in order to help make paying for your summer housing easier. The August installment is the third equal payment. If you sign a lease, extension to extend your lease the additional 1-2 weeks will be added to your August payment

How do I sign a lease and reserve my spot at Dwight Lofts?

All applications and lease documents can be found on our website when you click the “Apply Now” icon. Once you complete the application portion and are approved, it will lead you to the leasing documents. Please take the time to review the lease document, as this is a legally binding contract. The lease defaults to 10 weeks, you can extend your lease to 11 or 12 weeks by contacting our staff at and we would be happy to send you the additional form to extend your lease to 11 or 12 weeks.

There is only an application fee of $30 due when you complete your application. The only additional fee that will be due on or before your move in date is a $250 security deposit. Security deposits are refunded after you move-out minus any cleaning or damage charges incurred by the property in order to return your unit to the condition in which you received it.

Why is there a price range listed on my floor-plan lease?

Full size beds are available in select private bedrooms. The range on the low end is with a twin size bed and on the upper end is inclusive of a full size bed, which adds $24 per week to your weekly rental rate. In your application, you can choose to let us know if you would prefer a full-size bed and the Dwight Lofts staff will try to accommodate your request depending on availability. A resident may be assigned to a unit with a full-size bed when they indicated that they preferred to not have a full-size bed depending on availability.

Once you’ve been assigned to a specific apartment and bed space your unit specific lease will be generated for you to sign, which details the specific for your unit.

How do I qualify?

Each applicant will be screened for criminal history. If an applicant’s results show any felony convictions, the application will result in an automatic denial.

  • If an applicant wishes to qualify on his or her own without a guarantor, you must make 2 times the monthly rent, have a sum no less than 6 months’ rent in accessible bank account, and be able to provide proof of income. In addition to criminal history screening, you will also go through a credit check. Please see our full Rental Application Criteria for further details
  • Applicants may also choose to have a Guarantor. In this case, guarantor means the person that will sign the Guaranty of Resident obligations. Guarantors will not be screened for criminal background, as they do not have sufficient rights to occupy or enter the apartment.
  • The Guarantor must make 3 times the monthly rent, have a sum no less than 6 months’ rent in accessible bank account, and be able to provide proof of income. Guarantors will also be screened using a third-party screening company to evaluate Guarantor’s credit, check-writing history, and rental history. Please see our full Rental Application Criteria for further details.

What appliances and amenities are included?

Every apartment will includes:

  • 42″ Flat screen TV in every living room.
  • Satellite TV provided in every living room with the ability to upgrade channel package.
  • Electronic key card access to front door.
  • 24 hour 7 day a week security staff at the entrance to the building.
  • Apartment phone to contact building security and to be notified of visitors or perishable packages.
  • Granite counter tops in kitchen.
  • Access to our fitness center.
  • Wireless high speed internet is provided in the Sky Lounge and in the first floor lounge.
  • High speed wired internet in every apartment (for wireless internet a resident may install their own personal WiFi router by plugging it into one of the internet ports in the apartment.  Please note that Belkin brand routers do not work on our network).
  • Appliances including: Refrigerator, Microwave, and Oven with stove top range.

What do the apartments include?

Living Room:

  • Couch and chair, coffee table, 42” flat panel TV, entertainment center, and barstools


  • Twin or full size mattress, bed with storage underneath, built-in dresser, wardrobe, and a desk with chair. Don’t forget to bring a lamp for your bedroom. Additional move-in information will be sent 1 month prior to moving in day.

What is included in rent?

Our all-inclusive and individual leases at Dwight Lofts include, electric, water, sewer, trash, pest control service, access to all amenities, internet, satellite TV, and free access to our bike storage room. Don’t forget about the interior amenities and appliances listed above.

Are there any additional costs to consider which are not listed?

Parking (extremely limited): $60 per week

Full-Size beds located in select units: $24 per week

What are the parking options?

Dwight Lofts offers a parking garage with extremely limited space. Residents can reserve one of our 22 parking spaces. Parking will be on a first come, first serve basis. Students who wish to have a reserved space will have the option to add this premium charge of $60 per week to their lease agreement. These spaces are limited.

Can I mail items to myself ahead of time to pick-up on move-in day?

ABSOLUTELY! Please feel free to mail any items that you would like to yourself and our staff will store them until you arrive on move-in day. Make sure to include your Dwight Lofts apartment number as well as your full legal name on the packages. You can have any items delivered starting May 20th up until move-in day.

What is your Pet Policy?

Dwight Lofts does not allow pets with the exception of service/support animals.

Is there on-site management and maintenance?

Just like many residential communities and conventional communities, the residents of Dwight Lofts will experience an independent style of living. As young adults learning and developing, residents are expected to comply by the lease agreement, but can also seek help from our on site management team. Residents and visitors alike may visit or call our leasing office during the following business hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday – Closed

During normal business hours, maintenance will complete work orders as requested by the resident.  Maintenance will also be available after hours for maintenance emergencies only.  For all other emergencies, please contact 911 and notify the management team after.

How can I pay my rent?

We feel choices are important when it comes to convenience. We offer several payment options to suit your needs.

  • Residents may make payments by personal check(s), money order(s), and cashier’s check(s) by simply visiting the office, or mailing these payments directly to our office.
  • Electronic payments using a checking account may be made through the resident portal with a $1.95 flat fee per transaction. Through the resident portal, residents will be able to view all of their account details, and set up reoccurring payments at their option.
  • Credit card payments can be made through our resident portal. Residents may pay with a Discover, Visa, or Master Card. A transaction fee is charged to each transaction made dependent on the type of card being utilized.

Rent is due on the 1st of every month and must be paid by the 5th of every month to avoid late fees.  Advance payments are accepted.


Dwight Lofts offers individual leasing on a selection of 4, 5, and 6 person apartments with options to have a private bedroom or to share a bedroom with a roommate. Located just south of the loop in downtown Chicago. Contact us today!

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