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New Apartments in Fayetteville AR near Campus Offer Convenience & Luxury

Sterling Frisco is the newest student apartments in Fayetteville, AR. Near campus, the spacious apartments offer residents comfortable, high-quality living in an environmentally friendly student atmosphere conveniently located to the University of Arkansas.

Live Off-Campus, Yet Conveniently Close to It All

Living off-campus doesn’t mean you must live away from it and all that surrounds the campus. At Sterling Frisco, students can enjoy the luxuries of stylish off-campus living and the convenience of residing in apartments near the university. Sterling Frisco is ideally located adjacent to the University of Arkansas, the Dickson Street entertainment district and the Frisco Trail.

Why We Chose the Name ‘Sterling Frisco’

Two of the primary reasons our team chose the name 'Sterling Frisco' for the new apartments at 413 N. West Avenue in Fayetteville AR include historical significance and urban relevance:

Historical Significance of Sterling Frisco

There are in history two events that truly catapulted Fayetteville from a quiet town in the hills to the bustling example of true town form that it is today. They were the establishment of the University of Arkansas in 1871 and the arrival of the Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company, nicknamed 'the Frisco', in 1881. There was great difficulty for railroad laborers in cutting through the shale and slate deposits as the tracks neared downtown Fayetteville. The workers labored intensely in their trenching efforts as they cut through the well-known Fayetteville fault. This infamous feat, afterward known as 'the cut', was accomplished directly adjacent to  413 N. West Avenue. That is why we have a 30 foot deep channel (railroad bed) near the Western border of Sterling Frisco.

On July 4th, 1881, amid great fanfare, the first passenger train arrived from Pierce City, Missouri. Many dignitaries throughout history arrived in Fayetteville via 'the Frisco' including former president William Howard Taft, who visited Fayetteville in November, 1917. He delivered a very moving speech about the war in Europe (WW I) and the proposed league to enforce the peace. In 1992, while running for President, Governor Bill Clinton made a campaign stop at the Fayetteville Depot (formerly known as 'Frisco station') one block south of Sterling Frisco. The arrival of 'the Frisco' enabled timely commerce of many types to flourish in Fayetteville. The two historic bridges (built in 1931 and 1936) that cross the St Louis and San Francisco Railway just west of our site have been referred to by some as the 'Frisco bridges'. Both bridges have been federally funded for complete restoration as they are historically significant examples of depression era art deco bridge architecture.

Urban Relevance

Fayetteville is undoubtedly home to one of the most progressive planning departments in the country. They are on a mission to create an urban utopia in downtown. Through form based zoning and modern development codes, the planning department at the city of Fayetteville has been successful in its 'smart growth' strategy to revitalize downtown Fayetteville. They have done well. The entire development services division (planning department) at the city of Fayetteville is made up of true students of urbanism. One of the hottest topics currently in urban planning circles is T.O.D. or Transit Oriented Development. The idea is to cluster development around mass transportation hubs like subway and bus stations and light rail terminals. We are working hard towards a true urban light rail system here in Fayetteville and our planners believe that we will obtain one within the next 20 years or so. However, in the meantime we do have a mass transit system that we are very proud of... the Fayetteville trail system.

The back bone of the Fayetteville trail system runs along the Western border of Sterling Frisco (in the former RR right of way) and is named 'the Frisco Trail'. This makes us a T.O.D.

Historical research was provided by local historian Tony Wapple of Fayetteville.

Sterling Apartments is Now Leasing

Sterling Frisco is now leasing for the current term and Fall 2015. Be one of the first students to live in the newest apartments in Fayetteville AR near the campus of U of A. Contact us about preleasing now.

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